The Critical Transdisciplinary Indigenous Studies Research Group promotes First Nations ownership and authorship of knowledge and data sovereignty. We play a critical role in ensuring research processes are ethical and operate in partnership with First Nations knowledge stakeholders. We recognise that First Nations communities are already knowledge producers with a stake in the research processes of Charles Sturt University. The Group is currently developing a programmatic research plan for sustaining a critical transdisciplinary Indigenous studies research paradigm in the Faculty of Arts and Education, which has implications for research collaborations within the regional footprint of Charles Sturt University in the long-term.

The Critical Transdisciplinary Indigenous Studies Research Group brings together researchers and educators to build capacity for projects that address social justice, the Indigenous business economy, the Indigenous estate, sustainability, agriculture and land stewardship, Indigenous science and technology as well as education, health, and wellbeing. All of our projects are inclusive of workplace learning.

In consultation and working with Indigenous stakeholders potential project ideas include:

  • Evaluating the impact of ‘gifted’ education in delivering goals to Indigenous Australian students
  • Recording the impacts of Indigenous stewardship and environmental management of water ecologies
  • Evaluating water as an infrastructure of social cohesion for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities
  • Evaluating the business potential of the Indigenous Procurement Policy for regional economies
  • Delivering cultural competency health checks for organisations such as media
  • Evaluating the business potential of Travelling Stock Reserves and the Indigenous Estate for sustainability and environmental security

We welcome comments and inquiries from potential community and industry partners, researchers, and PhD students. Please contact Dr. Holly Randell-Moon at

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